The Peoplemad Leadership Model

Creating capability and getting things done...being the best at what you do

It is entirely about people, how good we are and how could we could be if we deployed ourselves and the people we work with properly. It will improve your own performance and that of your team whatever you do in life, whether it's in sport, business or education. It starts with you - lead by example and get skilled at dealing with other people. Leadership is about getting the best out of yourself and helping others do the same - this is how you do it.  

The Leadership Model is easy to understand, easy to remember and importantly easy to implement. Some people will do parts of it already and do it well - the trick is to do all of it and do it really well.

"What a book!!  Absolutely fantastic read and I really enjoyed it!  So much of what was in there resonated with me with the football referencing throughout an obvious reference point for me!!"

Mark Roberts    Professional Footballer, Athlete mentor and key note speaker.