We help people to be the best they can be.

Helping everyone to behave as leaders, knowing how to get the best out of themselves and their colleagues.

For football clubs, businesses, sports clubs, universities and schools.

We also provide personal coaching to individuals who want help with any aspect of their career. 

'Anybody who sees themselves as ambitious and driven should definitely take advantage of the Peoplemad model!'

Glyn Lewis, First team Sports Scientist, Norwich City. 


New book now available on Amazon.

The Little Book of Leadership Tips

Coach ● Manage ● Lead

Does everyone in your team know what’s expected of them in terms of  leadership behaviour?

Who is responsible for developing your team’s leadership skills?

Do you have a leadership methodology that everyone can follow?

Do you need a Leadership Coach in your organisation?

  • Private coaching & mentoring

  • Leadership Workshops

If you can get everyone continually striving to improve performance and helping each other to be the best they can be then you've got something really special.

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Now available on Amazon

Now available on Amazon